We encourage our boarders to bring their favourite toys with them.† We provide cosy and hygienic bedding for every cat but you are welcome to bring your catís own bedding if preferred.

What can I bring with my cat to make him/her feel at home?

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery is associated with the premier veterinary practice in the area, Kynoch Vets.† Kynoch have practices in Yateley, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Bracknell, Harmanswater and Frimley.† The nearest surgery is only one mile away but the vet will visit the cattery if needed.† Before treatment is decided your own vet will be consulted.

What if my cat is taken ill while he/she is staying with you?

The cattery is locked at all times and the site is attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.† Entry to the cattery is only allowed with a member of staff.

Will my pet be safe at Leafy Oak Farm Cattery?




Health & Welfare


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The Feline Advisory Bureau is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge, to help us all care better for our cats.† In 1958 when the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) was founded, little was really known about cats or their veterinary needs.† FAB gathered information from a variety of sources and funded vets to specialise in feline care and so had a major influence on early advances in veterinary treatment.
That work and influence continues to this day, not only in the treatment of disease but in establishing standards for boarding catteries and providing information, both specific and general, to cat lovers everywhere.

What is FAB and why are they important?

FAB gives excellent advice on what to look for when choosing a boarding cattery.† Their advice can be found here.† In particular they favour outdoor catteries rather than indoor buildings.

FAB quote ďFAB prefers outdoor catteries because most cats enjoy being able to go out and watch the world go by; it also helps to ensure there is good ventilation and airflow to prevent the spread of disease. Ē

What does the FAB say about cattery construction & management and what to look for when choosing a cattery?

For all our boarders' protection, we need to see your pet's up-to-date vaccination records and vaccination history.† All cats must be immunised against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.† Please ensure the initial course of injections is completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.† The vaccination record must show that subsequent boosters have been administered every 12 months.† Please call us if you are in any doubt about your catís vaccination history.

Young kittens are still in the process of settling into their new home and learning toilet training, so boarding before 6 months can disrupt home routine and training at an important stage.† We give special attention to young boarders to make sure they settle in well and feel stimulated and cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps surprisingly, new boarders quickly get used to the routine.† During the first few days, we watch all newcomers especially carefully to ensure they are eating and contented.

My cat has never been boarded before.† Will he/she be alright?

How old does my kitten have to be to board?

What vaccinations does my pet need to stay at Leafy Oak Farm Cattery?

All special dietary and medical needs are noted from the boarding form you fill out and our staff makes sure these are administered daily, or as specified.† Please bring special diets or medication with your cat, both clearly labelled.† Medication should be in veterinary dispensed containers with your catís name on it.

My cat has special food and/or is on medication. Can I be sure he/she will get the food he/she likes and be given his/her pills?