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Some cat accommodation can be a little squashed!

Our cattery was built in 2007 by Welland Timber, the UK’s leading cattery manufacturer.  This means it meets all the latest standards so the cats enjoy the highest level of safety and comfort in generously sized chalets.  The key features are;


Not all cats want to be close and cosy!

· All chalets are generously sized to give your cat plenty of stretching room and lead onto a private play area where they can exercise and enjoy the fresh air and garden view.  Each chalet is fully insulated and has a thermostatically controlled heating system, allowing your cat to move around freely in comfort.

· The cattery design follows advice from the Feline Advisory Bureau, the organisation dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats.  For more information see our FAQs section.

FAB quote “FAB prefers outdoor catteries because most cats enjoy being able to go out and watch the world go by; it also helps to ensure there is good ventilation and airflow to prevent the spread of disease. ”

Leafy Oak Farm Cattery
Cobbett’s Lane, Yateley
GU46 6AT                Tel: 01252 870323